Offer Something of Value

Picking up from my last post, if you want to attract a woman*, you have to offer her something of value. Now, it doesn’t have to be a physical item. You don’t have to drive a Ferrari. That is definitely not what I’m referring to here.

Rather, your value can be something intangible — like say, your ability to inspire her, or make her laugh, or let her feel safe around you. It might even be the hobbies or interests you have that pique her curiosity. When it comes to romantic attraction, these can all be considered valuable.

Now, do you know what isn’t valuable?

Your undying love or affection.

No, really. Your undying love and affection is worthless if she’s not into you in the first place. And this is the biggest mistake I see so many men make.

If you want to attract someone, don’t broadcast how much you’re into her. (I mean, okay, maybe at least communicate that you’re somewhat interested. But that’s another blog post.)

No, if you want to attract someone, broadcast what you can offer her. Broadcast why she should be into you.

In other words, offer her something of value.

Well, guess what? Being in possession of social savvy is valuable. And attainable, too.

*Or a man. Or everything between a man and a woman. For simplicity, the default target of my writing is a heterosexual male, but by no means is this particular lesson confined to cis straight men only.

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