Here are the coaching services that I offer. Due to Covid concerns, all services are currently conducted remotely via video call only, using Zoom.

Practice Date

You go on a practice date with a coaching partner of your preferred gender. Then I review the date and critique your social skills. This service is primarily for romantic endeavors, but if you have a specific type of one-on-one interaction you’re hoping to refine, we can set that up, too.

  • This service comprises two parts: a 20-minute video call for the practice date, plus a 45-minute video call for the follow-up coaching session.
  • Beforehand, you submit your online dating profile.
  • You will also receive a mock dating profile for the coaching partner you will go on your practice date with. This information is available for you to use as a conversation starter during the date itself.
  • During the first call, you and the coaching partner interact as though you are on a first date. I observe silently and take notes.
  • Afterwards, I will send you a summary of my notes, as well as the coaching partner’s assessment.
  • We then schedule a second video call to discuss your social skills during the practice date.
  • The fee for this service is $150 per session.

Standalone Coaching

I help you to build a foundation of social skills as outlined in the Social Savvy Sage curriculum.

  • This is a 45-minute video call.
  • I recommend that you purchase this service after at least one Practice Date session, so that I can determine what specific skills you need to work on.
  • We can keep the session less structured, where we work on specific skills of your choosing. Or we can follow the Social Savvy Sage curriculum, using a combination of direct instruction, guided practice, and take-home exercises.
  • The fee for this service is $100 per session.

Practice Date & Coaching Package

  • $500 for two practice dates and five coaching sessions.
  • My suggested order is one practice date, three coaching sessions, a second practice date, and then a final coaching session, but we can arrange everything as we see fit.

Free Consultation

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