My Professional Background

If you’re wondering about my qualifications (as you should before you hire any self-professed “coach”), here’s some information about my background and training:

First, I have a fledgling Yelp page, so you can start by checking out my reviews. You may also be interested in my résumé and LinkedIn profile.

Throughout my professional life, I have worked in capacities where interpersonal communication is vital. Long before Social Savvy Sage, I was once a research scientist in evolutionary biology. That of course taught me about the biological basis for many human behaviors.

Then I taught for eight years at a school for at-risk teens. During this time is when I picked up my teaching, curriculum design, and counseling skills.

While working towards my teaching credential, I played poker professionally for a year. Through that endeavor, I learned quite a bit about … well, let’s just call it applied human psychology. I think of poker as the “dark arts” aspect of social savvy.

I left teaching to take a job at for four years, where I authored a bunch of writings and presentations on customer service and communication. You can check them out here.

I am also a comedy and relationships writer, which can be either an oxymoron or redundant, depending on your perspective. In 2008, I started blogging about relationships, originally as a way for myself to learn from a breakup. That led to a considerable amount of freelance writing on dating and human behavior, a well as an invitation to be a dating advice columnist (see below). Eventually, I launched my own crowdsourced dating advice site.

Lastly, I’m now working to become a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, so I can actually be qualified to help when people have relationship issues more serious than, “Well, how do I talk to her on a date?”

If you really want to throw yourself down the rabbit hole, here is a list of my internet writings on dating, relationships, human behavior, and basically anything relevant to Social Savvy Sage:


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