Hoping to refine your communication skills for dating, work, or life in general? My mission is to help you develop the fundamental social savvy needed to create meaningful interactions with others, via both 1-on-1 coaching and guided practice.

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The Eight Skills

Social Savvy Sage is based around eight interpersonal skills:

Social intelligence

Emotional aptitude







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Coaching Services

Text Message Critique

You submit a text message exchange, and I offer an analysis and suggestions on how to improve your text communication skills.

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Personal Profile Review

You submit your dating, social media, or professional profile, and I offer an analysis and revision to help you stand out.

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Practice Date

You go on a practice date with a coaching partner of your preferred gender. Then we meet and review your social skills.

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Standalone Coaching

I help you to build a foundation of social skills as outlined in the Social Savvy Sage curriculum.

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Free Consultation

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