Roll With It

I’d like to share the most excruciating — yet hilarious — two minutes from my wedding, a little over a year ago.


Directly, it doesn’t have anything to do with the mission of Social Savvy Sage, but there is an important lesson I want to share. And that’s this:

Roll with it.

You may have something perfectly planned out, and yet, something is going to happen, and you’re going to feel a huge wrench getting thrown into your metaphorical gears. But when that inevitably happens in life, the best you can do is to enjoy the unexpected ride and see where it takes you.

These two minutes were pretty embarrassing, but looking back, I can easily say they were also my favorite two minutes of the wedding ceremony. Because we both rolled with it, and yeah, it ended up being pretty funny.

I wrote up a full blog post about the incident, too, in case you’re curious about why this happened.

Photo by Monique Feil

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