Service Agreement


Text Message Critiques and Personal Profile Reviews will be delivered within five business days after you send me the requisite information.

For Practice Dates and Standalone Coaching, once you’ve submitted your Coaching Questionnaire and indicated your preferred days and times to meet, I will contact you within two business days to schedule our session.

In all cases, if you do not hear from me within the allotted time frame, please check your spam/junk email filter first and search for any messages from Social Savvy Sage. If this does not resolve the problem, contact me via the contact form here. In case your spam filter just doesn’t like my emails for some reason, please leave an alternate email or method of contacting you, and I will attempt to rectify the problem within two business days.

Once we’re scheduled for a Practice Date or Standalone Coaching session, please give me 24 hours notice if you need to reschedule. If you fail to give me 24 hours notice or simply don’t show up for a scheduled call, I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to reschedule you any time soon, if at all.

Having said that, I know that unforeseen emergencies do happen, so you’ll find that I tend to be pretty accommodating.  And while I may cut you some slack on the first failure to give 24 hour notice, thereafter, I will have to use my best judgment in determining how and whether our interaction proceeds. All I ask is that you respect both my time and the time of the coaching partner you’ll be interacting with.

For my end, if I need to reschedule, I will give you at least 24 hours notice, too, barring an emergency of my own.


I accept initial payment the website via PayPal or credit card. Once we’ve established a working relationship, I also accept Venmo and Zelle. I offer a full refund on any unused services, provided the request is made:

  1. Before the product is delivered via email, for Text Message Critique and Personal Profile Review.
  2. At least 24 hours before a scheduled session, for Practice Date and Standalone Coaching.

I offer partial refunds on special offers. In these cases, the sessions that were used will be charged as individually purchased sessions and deducted accordingly from the refund amount.


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at any time via email, which I will give out after you make a purchase. I can’t promise I’ll be instantly available, but I’m always well-connected to the internet (at least, that’s what my wife tells me), so you’ll find me to be fairly responsive.

Any unsolicited, unwanted, threatening, or otherwise untoward efforts to contact me or a coaching partner, whether via digital media, phone calls, physical interaction, or in any other manner will result in immediate termination of this service and may result in civil and/or criminal charges for harassment, stalking, intimidation, or similar claims based upon the circumstances. It is important that we maintain a professional relationship at all times.


You agree to behave courteously and respectfully at all times, and I agree to do the same. Having said that, my services will require me to make observations about your social skills. These observations are usually best delivered in a clear and blunt fashion. If I ever communicate anything you find personally upsetting, please let me know as soon as you feel comfortable. You can say something in the moment, or send me an email later if that’s easier for you.

Either way, rest assured that I am here to help you and will listen to anything and everything you have to say. As such, please don’t hesitate to speak up about anything that’s bothering you. Well, unless what’s bothering you is that you don’t look like Brad Pitt. Because … yeah, that bothers me, too.


If you contact me regarding any service offered at Social Savvy Sage, I will not disclose that you have contacted me without your prior written consent. Any information you provide via the questionnaire, subsequent email, or during a coaching session is completely confidential.  I will not disclose or make use of any confidential information about you without your prior written consent. I will make every effort to safeguard your private information and protect it against disclosure, misuse, loss, and theft.

Having said that, there are certain instances in which I may be required to break confidentiality:

  1. If you pose an immediate danger to yourself or others.
  2. If you are endangering a population that cannot protect itself (for instance, a child).
  3. As required by United States federal or California state laws.

If you purchase a practice date session, please remember that the practice date is exactly that — practice. It is the job of the coaching partner to be friendly to help you work on your social skills, but they are not available for your romantic interest. Please respect their privacy and do not attempt to seek them out or contact them outside of a coaching setting. We reserve the right to terminate an ongoing session immediately without refund, and cancel and refund any future sessions, if we determine that you are not respecting the boundaries of our services.


In the event that a dispute arises between us, we both agree to negotiate in good faith to settle said dispute. To resolve the dispute, we both agree to engage in binding arbitration, to take place in the City of San Diego, California, using the rules set forth by the American Arbitration Association, with each of us paying half the costs and expenses up front, and the prevailing party being awarded the full set of costs and expenses, along with any damages awarded, within 10 business days of the ruling.


Please note that I am not yet licensed as a psychotherapist, nor am I a physician. My coaching services are not a substitute for medical treatment or psychotherapy. If any issues come up for you that should be handled by a licensed professional, I will recommend that you contact someone more appropriate.

Finally, please bear in mind that I can’t guarantee any specific improvements in your personal life. The coaching services I offer are for educational purposes only, and I can’t control the outcome of any attempts to put what you learn into practice. You accept responsibility for all outcomes, and you agree not to hold me liable for any damages that may result from the use of my services, whether direct, indirect, incidental, special, negligent, consequential, or exemplary.

And now that we’ve gotten all the legal stuff out of the way, please remember that I am here for you. Yes, a large part of your success will depend on the effort you yourself put in, but if you’re willing to do the work, I promise I’m willing to work my hardest to help you!